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Adedge product literature is available for download in pdf format.  You may need to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files.


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AdVantEdge  Point of Use Literature    


  AD2710S 2.75"x10" arsenic removal cartridge
  AD4510S 4.5"x10" arsenic removal cartridge
  AD2710C 2.75"x10" arsenic/taste/odor/chlorine cartridge
  ADox2710 2.75"x10" Iron/Manganase reduction cartridge
  AD2x10 2"x10" inline arsenic removal cartridge


  DWS22710-01 Two stage undercounter arsenic removal unit
  EHC22710-01 Two stage undercounter arsenic/taste/ odor/chlorine/cysts/lead reduction unit
  DWS4510S-01 Single stage undercounter arsenic reduction unit for high arsenic applications
   Plus Series The ultimate undercounter system - arsenic/lead/ chlorine/cysts/VOCs/pesticides/asbestos and more
AdVantEdge Point of Entry Literature    
  Medallion Systems Point of Entry (Whole House) arsenic removal
  POE FAQ Point of Entry Frequently Asked Questions
  POE Start up Startup procedures for POE units
  POE Site Profile Form Your starting place for Point of Entry
  Technical Bulletin-01  Backwashing and Media Disposal
Small Water System Literature    
  SWS Brochure Arsenic Treatment for Small Water Systems
  APU Systems Community Water Systems
  Modular Systems Non-community Water Systems
  AD26 Systems Iron, Manganese & Arsenic Systems
  RO Systems Reverse Osmosis Systems
  Backwashing Q & A Answers to Questions on Backwashing
  Technical Bulletin-01 Backwashing and Media Disposal
  SWS Site Profile Form Your starting place for small water system applications
  AD92 IX Uranium Reduction     (view video)
SCOUT Anti-Scale Literature SCOUT Brochure Anti-Scale Treatment Systems
  SCOUT Q&A Anti-Scale Treatment Systems Questions & Answers
Media Literature    
  Bayoxide E33 Media Granular Ferric Oxide media products
  AD26 Media Oxidation/Filtration Media for Iron & Manganese
  AD300Z Media Media for Lead reduction
  AD140Z Media for Lead reduction
  AD74 Media Media for Fluoride removal
  AD21SP Media Media for removal of proces impurities (HF, etc.)


AdTech UltraPure Flash Silica Gel
  AD92 IX Uranium Reduction
Other Literature    
  Test Kits Arsenic Test Kits
  Arsenic & Drinking Water Facts about arsenic and your health

Adedge Product Overview

Overview of Adedge products
  Adedge Process Description & Qualifications Adedge SOQ (abbreviated version)
  Treatment Alternatives Treatment alternatives for small water systems
New AD26 Literature    
  AD26 Systems Brochure Arsenic, Iron, Manganese & Sulfide Systems
  AD26 System Intro Arsenic, Iron, Manganese & Sulfide Systems
Test AD26 Systems Technical Bulletin Arsenic, Iron, Manganese & Sulfide Systems


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